Well, hi. Konichiwa. Hello. Ohio. I'm “KumikoOumae”, AKA Galileo. 

I love this anime and I plan to read the book, ONCE IT SHIPS LOL. Hibike! Euphonium is my top, #1 favorite anime since I relate to it so much. 

I adore that it’s about being in a band and all the work that you need to accomplish your goal to be a better musician and help out the band. This band is the band I wish I was in. Right now the band I am going into is advanced band. I can't wait. I really hope everyone gets better at playing their instruments. (It’s a high school band btw... (Which means I’m in high school...)) 

I play the flute in my school, symphonic band. I own my flute unlike everyone else, besides my good friend. All the instruments are the schools, unless you are lucky enough to be able to buy your own. My flute is the only colored one. It’s black. It looks a lot like the clarinet if you look at it far away.

If you haven’t checked my profile page, I have 2 years of flute experience. I plan to continue playing as long as I can. I also play piano on the side. Right now I am continuing to play both.

Some things that stop me from being able to play are things known as Carpal Tunnel , and Tendonitis . I hate these things. They are horrible since they prevent me from doing things I love. Overall they are signs that I should be stretching before playing and to exercise my hand and arm muscles more. It shows how dedicated you are to playing if you have these by the way. At least that’s what I like to think.

Well anyway, thanks for checking out this blog! I hope to continue blogging later. As I am an Admin of this wikia, you’ll be sure to see me here or there.



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