Tomoe Kabe
Tomoe kabe
加部 友恵
Kabe Tomoe
Age 16-17
Gender Female
Height 157 cm (5' 2“) (Novel)
Blood Type A
Birthday October 15 (Libra)
Musical Profile
Role Trumpet player, Team Monaka member
Instrument Trumpet
Personal Status
Status Active
Occupation Student (Second year)
School Kitauji High School


Anime Episode 2

Tomoe Kabe (加部 友恵 Kabe Tomoe?) is a minor character in the Hibike! Euphonium series. She is a second-year student who plays the trumpet.

Tomoe is a friend of Yuuko Yoshikawa and they usually hang out together when Yuuko is not with Kaori, Natsuki or Mizore.


Tomoe has stright, shoulder length, brown hair. She uses two heart shaped hair pins to tie her hair into two tiny pony tails. She has cherry red eyes.

Tomoe is usuallly seen in a standard Kitauji High School uniform for girls.


She is nice and hard-working person as seen when she takes a leader role of Monaka team.


As a minor character, she has a very small role in the anime series. Tomoe's most major role is in Monaka OVA where she acts as the Monaka team's leader. Outside that, Tomoe is seen hanging out with Yuuko at the festival in S1 and S2. She also goes to the pool with Yuuko in anime S2.



  • She is one of three second year band members who didn't pass the audition and became a part of Monaka team. The first syllabus of her surname is combined with the first syllabus of other two second year surname (Natsuki Nakagawa and Shinobu Morita) that becomes the name "Monaka".
  • Kabe (加部?) is the Japanese word for "wall".
  • She is an anime original character that was introduced in the later novels.


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