• Hello, fellow Hibike! Euphonium fans ! (and the others too, of course)

    First, I have to say that I've just finished all episodes of Hibike! Euphonium 2 days ago, so maybe it's just a temporary fever, but at least for now, this anime is my favourite! I love all the aspects of the anime, from the characters to the music. So, because I wanted to know all about Hibike! Euphonium, I naturally came on this Wikia. And I'm surprised by the amount of informations that are available! So a question passed through my mind: where are these kind of details come from? I don't understand how the precise height, the blood type, and other informations like that can be known. Even in the light novels, I would be surprised that kind of thing appears inside.

    Now, I go back listening the Crescent Moon Dance, for around the 54th time :D

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    • Ok, now I know. All is available there in Japanese. If can't read Japanese, sorry for you :p (actually I know only a very little bit Japanese, but it's enough to understand the "Characters" section)

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    • Yeah theres that and I think all the Official websites have some detail. Like this one....  CLICK MEH!

      Also stop censoring your cursing! You gonna get banned! 

      (Don't do any form of cursing or that one person who made this lovely wikia could get you) 

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    • Sorry, it was a long time ago now, I've already forgotten I wrote that ^^"

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    • Lol its fine! Just realized the date.

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