This is the first soundtrack released for Sound! Euphonium. It was released July 8th, 2015, and it corresponds to the first season of the anime. The first disc focuses on ambient tracks, while the second one mostly gathers the symphonic songs played by the band.

Disc 1

  1. Beginning Melody
  2. Faint Current
  3. New Place
  4. Prudence
  5. The Flow of Youth
  6. Is That So Fun?
  7. Feelings Bouncing
  8. The Faded Past
  9. Small Anxiety
  10. Pure Heart
  11. Step By Step Forward
  12. Life-Size Days
  13. Separate Troubles
  14. Exciting Future
  15. Agata Festival
  16. Pain of Youth
  17. The Flow of Fate
  18. Feelings That I Want To Tell
  19. Sprout of Consciousness
  20. Distrust
  21. Crack
  22. Like a Tightened Thread
  23. Collision
  24. Anguish of Youth
  25. Reminiscence
  26. Faint Light
  27. Ecstasy
  28. Overlapping Mind
  29. Feelings That Come and Go
  30. Tutti! (TV Size)
  32. Trumpet Practice
  33. Solitary Trumpet
  34. Encouraging Trumpet
  35. Funny Tuba
  36. Propagated Tuba
  37. Crescent Moon Dance Trumpet Solo Part Audition (Kaori)
  38. Crescent Moon Dance Trumpet Solo Part Audition (Reina)

Disc 2

  1. Starting the Project (Big Band Ver.)
  2. Abarenbo Shogun theme (Before Instruction Ver.)
  3. Abarenbo Shogun theme (After Instruction Ver.)
  4. Orpheus in the Underworld
  5. Symphony No. 9 in E minor, OP. 95, "From the New World", 2nd movement
  6. Marine Corps (Before Instruction Ver.)
  7. Marine Corps (After Instruction Ver.)
  8. The Fairest of the Fair March
  10. RYDEEN
  11. Twinkle Star
  12. Where You Find love
  13. Symphonic Suite from "Scheherazade" -Highlights-
  14. Provence Wind
  15. Crescent Moon (Kaori Trumpet Solo Ver.)
  16. Crescent Moon (Reina Trumpet Solo Ver.)
  17. DREAM SOLISTER (Wind Orchestra Ver.)
  18. Tutti! (Wind Orchestra Ver.)
  19. Starting the Project (Wind Orchestra Ver.)

Japanese tracklist:

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