Satomi Niiyama
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新山 聡美
Niiyama Satomi
Age 33
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Birthday Unknown
School Kitauji High School
Occupation Woodwind Specialist
Personal Status
Status Alive

Houko Kuwashima

Anime Season 2

Satomi Niiyama (新山 聡美 Niiyama Satomi) is a woodwind instructor brought in by Noboru Taki to help with the Kitauji concert band on its path to the national concert band competition. Her main instrument is flute, which she majored in, but she is also highly proficient in all other woodwind instruments.


Niiyama is drawn in the manga with a long skirt, a short-sleeved shirt with a black collar, and short wavy blond hair. Between Noboru Taki and Masahiro Hashimoto, she is the shortest.

Niiyama's outfit does not change very much in the anime, but her hair is longer, brown, and curly.


Niiyama is the youngest of the four instructors directing the band. She is described as gentle with a sweet personality, and her woodwind students describe her as a firm but good teacher.

As nice as she is outside of class, Niiyama is revealed to be as strict as Taki and Hashimoto during rehearsal and sectionals, setting extremely high standards for her students and forcing them to practice for hours every day.


Noboru Taki and Masahiro Hashimoto


Hashimoto, Niiyama, and Taki

Niiyama and Taki, along with Masahiro Hashimoto, were good friends in college. Niiyama was a grade younger than Taki and Hashimoto, whom both saw her as a little sister of sorts. Though Niiyama is now married, she occasionally flirts with Taki just for fun, but without any serious intent. However, this leads most of the band to suspect her for a while of being Taki's girlfriend, until Hashimoto reveals that she is already married.


In episode two, Niiyama is introduced by Noboru Taki to the band, leading many of the members to believe she is Taki's girlfriend. This causes some distress on Reina Kousaka's part.

In episode three, Hashimoto reveals to Kumiko Oumae that Niiyama is already married.

In episode four, Niiyama apologizes to Mizore Yoroizuka for not holding her to standards as high as Masahiro Hashimoto's, just because Mizore was a high school student. She encourages Mizore to "have some fun" with her solo.