Kaori Nakaseko
Kaori introduction
中世古 香織
Nakaseko Kaori
Gender Female
Height 166cm
Blood Type A
Birthday September 3 (Virgo)
Musical Profile
Role Trumpet leader
Instrument Trumpet
Personal Status
Occupation Student (third year)
School Kitauji High School

Minori Chihara

Anime Episode 1 (Cameo)
Episode 2 - Real Introduction

Kaori Nakaseko (中世古 香織 Nakaseko Kaori?) is a supporting character in the Hibike! Euphonium series and a member of the concert band. She is a third-year student who plays trumpet. In the Kitauji Concert Band, she is the trumpet section leader and the band accountant.


Kaori is a young girl, who wears the standard Kitauji High School uniform for third year students. She has short, bobbed, dark-brown hair, and matching brown-reddish eyes. Underneath her left eye is a beauty mark.


Kaori is considered to be popular and well liked among the members of the band, and has a soft tone in her voice and a gentle demeanor.




  • In the light novel, she is noted to look very alike to Reina.
  • Yuuko is shown to be obsessed with Kaori, even getting defensive about her playing the Crescent Moon Dance trumpet solo


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