I Love Music
Sapphire Character Song
I Love Music
I Love Music
Performed by Moe Toyota
Release Date July 8, 2015
Label Lantis

I Love Music (I Love Music?) is a character song of Sapphire Kawashima from the Hibike! Euphonium anime series. It is sung by Moe Toyota.

Track Listing

The song is sung and performed by Ayaka Asai, the seiyu of Sapphire Kawashima. The lyrics and composition are done by ZAQ, and arrangement by Moe Toyota. It was released on July 1, 2015 under Lantis.


  1. Ryuusen Contrast (Ryuusen Contrast?)
  2. I Love Music (I Love Music?)
  3. Kitauji Shijuusou Dai-3-ban Contrabass
  4. Ryuusen Contrast (Ryuusen Contrast?) (Off Vocal)
  5. I Love Music (I Love Music?) (Off Vocal)


Full Version

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