Singing Solfège (うたうよソルフェージュ Utau Yo Sorufēju?) is the fourth episode of the Hibike! Euphonium anime series. It was first broadcasted on April 28, 2015.


At the section-leader (or part-leader) meeting, Haruka, the clarinet-section leader Hirone Torizuka, flute and piccolo leader Kotoko Himegami, horn leader Juri Sawada, trumpet-section Kaori, percussion-section Narai Tanabe, and trombone-section Hideri Noguchi discuss the dilemma of the concert band's slow progress. There is a prevalence of criticism towards Taki's teaching style and pondering over the future of their participation in the Sun festival. Word spreads that the band will not be able to participate in the Sun Festival if rebellion occurs against Taki, and the members note the leaders are too tame to talk against Taki.

Taki has the band members practice breathing endurance by running in the fields a lap and then playing their instrument, blowing air in the direction of the clouds with their hand outstretched, and keeping a paper afloat by blasting them with their breaths for a full ten minutes. Due to Taki's blunt attitude, he ends up making a female flute-player cry by criticizing her mediocre ability despite her many years of playing and reminding them of the band's aim to achieve nationals. Once more, a sense of hopelessness spreads throughout the band.

Kumiko's group practice tuning their notes (solfège) by singing them. After practice, Sapphire notes of Hazuki and Kumiko's tense attitudes after their visit to the flute-players and her curiosity of Taki's teaching methods. Shuuichi says that the trumpet players were criticized by Taki as well, and it is apparent that the bass section received the least criticism. Shuuichi attempts to speak to Kumiko alone; while she is uninterested at first, once Reina is mentioned, Kumiko immediately reacts by asking if Reina had done anything wrong. Shuuichi replies that the seniors in the trumpet section have been keeping an eye on Reina due to her bluntness of her own experience.

Shuuichi reveals that it is apparently Taki's first time instructing a concert band, and complains of Taki's repetitive style which gathers an insulted Reina's attention. Reina is quick to defend Taki, and her anger has Kumiko fear that she's upset Reina once again. Nonetheless, she assures herself that regardless it would be Shuuichi's fault due to the majority of the complaint had come from him. At school the following day, Reina speaks to Kumiko alone to apologize for her outburst yesterday. In turn, Kumiko in a series of compliments shocks Reina. Kumiko confesses that she found Reina's trumpet performance from the other day inspiring and thanks her, hurrying away before Reina can deliver a response. With her spur of confidence, Kumiko also manages to convince Natsuki to practice, who had preferred to sit by alone for the past week.

At the ensemble, the band receives praise from Taki. He tells the band that if they gather the energy they waste on their youth, he is certain practice won't be so difficult although he is still disliked by a few students. He encourages them to have the attendants at the Sun Festival realize the progress that Kitauji High School has made, and Kumiko realizes that Taki is indeed serious of the band's future.


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  • Like in the previous episode, this episode features the band piece, the "Marines Hymn". Despite its name, the song is not the same as the one used by the United States Marine Corps.



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