The following is a comprehensive list of characters from the Hibike! Euphonium anime, manga, and light novels.

Kitauji High School Staff

Kitauji High School Concert Band Students

All Characters

All the students in the Kitauji Concert Band

The students in the Kitauji Concert Band are listed here by section in score order.

Flute and Piccolo

  • Yoriko Souga- Designated Piccolo
  • Kotoko Himegami - Principal Flute, Flute Section Leader
  • Tsubomi Nakano- Co-Principal Flute
  • Kyouko Mihara
  • Tsune Watanabe
  • Shirabe Inoue
  • Sari Takahashi
  • Meiko Oda
  • Nozomi Kasaki- Quit the band before start of series, but later rejoined in Season 2

Oboe and Bassoon (Double Reeds)


Clarinet- E♭ Piccolo, B♭ Soprano, and Bass Clarinet

  • Maina Kase- Designated E♭ Clarinet
  • Hirone Torizuka- Principal B♭ Clarinet / Concertmistress, Clarinet Section Leader
  • Hisae Takano
  • Hiyoko Ueda
  • Youko Matsuzaki
  • Sugami Tanaka
  • Sakiko Suzuka
  • Shouko Hagiwara
  • Rie Shima
  • Chieri Takahisa
  • Yumina Ouguchi
  • Hitoshi Usui- Principal Bass Clarinet
  • Junko Koshigawa- Bass Clarinet
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Saxophone- Alto, Tenor, Baritone


Horn in F


Bass- Euphonium, Tuba, Contrabass


New Members (Joined in Kumiko's Second Year at Kitauji)

Rikka High School Concert Band Students

Other Characters


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