Welcome to the page of Hibike! Euphonium FAN ART! This is where approved Wikia accounts can submit fan art to the community! Fan art is defined as artwork not created by someone who works with Kyoani and is a fan to the show. To do this, you simply just plop the images into the gallery below.

There are some rules you must follow when doing this. Make sure the pictures aren't nude/hentai related, as well as the fact that they have to be related to Hibike! Euphonium. If they don't your account could get banned so be smart, don't start.

To add to the gallery, simply click on the icon displayed below, when in edit mode. Then upload the picture and remember the name you gave the picture including the .jpg or .png etc.

Picture picture
Then when its uploaded, remember the name you gave it, and click on the "Gallery" below. Typing below the other file names, put the file you gave the picture. Then click done. And Save page. It should appear there among the other pictures.

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